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His miracle victory against cancer

Intimate secrets of his famous romances / Unknown loves 
His movies, soap operas / The truth about his 16 children 

The assasination attempts / His miracle victory against cancer

His overcoming impotency

Andres Garcia wrote this thrilling biography about the past ten years of his life, in collaboration with Javier Leon Herrera. This became a best seller with wide public recognition. Employing his distinctive and entertaining style,
he narrated the life of Andres Garcia in a unique format. The relationship between the two is reflected in the first few pages, making this story one inside the other. The life of Andres Garcia is seductive from its first phrase, as living legend of the Hispanic artistic media "Garcia is Garcia" and his role in real life is more passionate than any
of the roles he has interpreted in more than 100 movies. Andres is the only Latin actor with six #1 soap operas, seven feature films and 11 awards, with top billing not only in Mexico but in several countries. Garcia is the wonder of being one of the few men to have escaped death seven times. Read it.

20 years ago, a friend suggested he take a medication for emotional control in incorrect toxic dosages which resulted in his developing leukemia.

Prostate cancer almost took his life when 2 huge tumors in his prostate nearly spread to his urinary tract with a count of PSA 8.  Today 7 years later his PSA count is 0.1 and according to the doctors, Andres is cured.

His helicopter crashed into a lake and he lost consciousness while trapped underwater.Miraculously he was able to escape two minutes later.

Andres survived an attempted assasination when 16 bullets riddled his car in Venezuela.

In Mexico 5 gunmen and karate trained killers tried to murder him.  His back was broken but he is alive and well.

He was the first and only man who risked his life daring to ride Lemon, Bull, Blue and Tiger sharks in the open ocean thirty years ago.
This book invites you and your loved ones to escape routine.
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